Buying or Selling Your Place At The Beach
Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

Here's how Name Your Price works:

Simply use the form below to tell us if you are a buyer or a seller, what you would like to buy or sell and what you are willing to spend or take for a property.

For example: I'm a buyer looking for a 3 bedroom house in Destin and I am willing to pay $800,000 - or - I am a seller who owns a two bedroom waterfront condo and I would sell it for $350,000.

We will then go to work looking for sellers or buyers that meet your requirements.

Once we find a potential match, we will contact you to begin the negotiation process.

You end up with a successful deal, or we move on and continue looking for another buyer or seller.


Let's Get Started

In the space below, simply write in what your parameters are: house, condo, number of beds, on the water, price willing to spend or take, and any other special terms you might consider.







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